Patient Education/ Kid Dentistry/ Pulpectomy (Root Canal Treatment)

Pulpectomy - Root Canal Treatment


Definition of Pulpectomy for Primary Teeth


  • A technique to remove the entire pulp.
  • The removal of decayed and diseased pulp tissue followed by filling the root canals with resorbable cement

Indications for the Pulpotomy


  • cariously (cavity) exposed primary teeth, when their retention is more advantageous than extraction.
  • when inflammation is confined to the coronal (upper) portion of the pulp.

Indications for Pulpectomy of Primary Teeth


  • Cooperative patient,
  • Teeth with poor chance of vital pulp treatment (fillings),
  • Strategic importance for space maintenance,
  • Absence of severe root resorption,
  • Absence of surrounding bone loss from infection,
  • Expectation of saving the tooth,
  • Primary teeth with sinus tracts (pus),
  • Age of patient

Contraindications for Primary Tooth Pulpectomy


  • Teeth with nonrestorable crowns,
  • Infection involving & extending to the permanent tooth bud,
  • Pathologic resorption of at least one-third of the root with pus,
  • Excessive internal resorption
Procedure is the same as Root Canal Treatmen t in adults except that the final filling material used is a resorbable material like Zinc Oxide Eugenol.

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