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Interdental Aids

Interdental aids are used along with toothbrushing for the removal of plaque. It helps individuals begin a regimen of interproximal plaque removal. In determining which alternative method is most appropriate for you, the following criteria should be used:
  • Your periodontal condition (including anatomical challenges of the root surfaces and type of interdental embrasures),
  • Restorative work,
  • Age,
  • Motivation,
  • Manual dexterity.
All methods of interdental cleaning should be done one or two times per day with emphasis in the evening.
You should use the interdental aids before toothbrushing.
Using interdental aids before toothbrushing


Efficient plaque removal
When plaque is removed from the proximal surfaces first, the fluoride in the toothpaste can reach the proximal surfaces, helping prevent dental caries.

Various types of interdental aids are:-

Inter Dental AidsInter Dental Aids

Dental Floss

Inter Dental Aids

End Tuft Brush

Inter Dental Aids

Inter-dental Brushes

Inter Dental Aids

Wooden or Plastic Triangular Stick

Inter Dental Aids


Inter Dental Aids

Rubber or Plastic Tips

Inter Dental Aids

Gauze Strip


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